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WSA Students learning about a local stormwater management facility

WSA Students learning about a local stormwater management facility

What the Academy and Watershed Stewards Do:

Number of Master Watershed Stewards since Inception 23
Number of current Steward Candidates  8
Native Trees or Plants Installed 1,238
 Rain Barrels and Cisterns Installed 10
 Square Footage of Best Management Projects 16,713
 Rain Gardens or Conservation Landscapes Installed 13
Volunteer Hours 4,549
People Reached 2,533
Storm Drains Stenciled 59
Square Footage of Invasive Plants Removed 1,002
Currently Engaged Homeowner Associations 14
Stream Assessments Conducted 22
Resident Site Assessments Conducted 38
Square Footage of Stream Side Forest Buffers Planted 21,780
Village Watershed Committees Founded 2
Presentations or Workshops 31
Average Monthly WSA Website Views 639

Updated 04/07/2016

Contact the Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy for information about joining the program.

Who Developed the Program?

The Howard County WSA has been developed by an Advisory Committee with members from University of Maryland Extension-Howard County, Howard County Office of Environmental Sustainability and Dept. of Public Works, Columbia Association, Howard County Legacy Leadership Institute for the Environment and the local volunteer community. We have benefited from the advice and cooperation of the Watershed Stewards Academies of Anne Arundel County and the National Capitol Region. Grant funding to develop this program came from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Toyota Together Green, and Howard County.

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Equal Opportunity Employer and Equal Access programs

The Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy works closely with University of Maryland Extension and adheres to the same policy: All persons have equal opportunity and access to programs and facilities without regard to race, color, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, martial or parental status, or disability. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) The University of Maryland policy prohibits discrimination in employment and programs. Questions about requirements should be directed to the Director of Human Resources Management, Office of the Dean, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Symons Hall College, Park MD 20742