Assessment Request

Homeowner’s Assessment Request


Residential Property Assessment Request

Howard County Watershed Stewards can perform a free residential property assessment to help provide solutions for excessive rain water runoff. If you have erosion problems or you would like to help slow the flow of storm water in your neighborhood, please provide the following information so that we can schedule an assessment and potentially help.

Please Note: The Watershed Stewards Academy is a volunteer organization. We will contact you to set up an appointment for the assessment, as soon as possible.

Landline or cellular number(s).

If you can, let us know which are the best days for meetings and calls.
If you don't have a fixed schedule, list some good times and days of the week for the next couple of weeks.
Please list your address with town and zip code. (Note that this service is only available to Howard County Maryland residents.)
Are you a member of an HOA?

Please describe the issues you'd like to address and be as specific as possible in 80 words or less.

Indicate if you would like to meet for a general discussion and information session or would like to have a detailed assessment and plans for remediation on your property, etc.