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Village Actions


In the following, you’ll find information about watersheds, a specific watershed, and what can be done to protect the streams and rivers in watersheds.

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Best Management Practices For Oakland Mills

Supplemental Information

While the supplemental Part A is a PDF file, Parts B, C, and D are specially created PowerPoint files. The supplemental information is not narrated. Instead, this information is presented so that you can go through it at your own pace, (with your Space Bar) make notes, or download it for reference if you desire.

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Landscaping for Water Quality – Part A

Rain Gardens – Part B

Rain Gardens – Part C

Rain Barrels – Part D

HoCo Stream Wader Info

Local Stream Health

A number of Stewards and local concerned citizens participate in the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Stream Waders program. The Stream Waders sample sites for use in stream quality assessments.
Download Click this button to get a presentation of the latest stream health indicators.

Stream Waders also educate the local community about the relationship between land use and stream quality, provide quality assured information on stream quality to state, local, and federal agencies, environmental organizations, and others. The goal is to improve stream stewardship ethics and encourage local action to improve watershed management.