Freetown Farm Project

Freetown Farm

The Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy and University of Maryland Extension are partnering with the Community Ecological Institute (CEI) on an exciting and challenging project. This project integrates the flow of water and people to improve the overall health of a community.

The Project:

The CEI’s Freetown Farm is located less than a mile from the Middle Patuxent River. Part of the project’s plan is to solve a storm water flow issue via management practices such as dry wells, berms and swales, rain gardens, urban tree canopies, conservation landscapes, and rainwater harvesting. This will be the beginning of a larger community walk-able watershed initiative that improves neighborhood connectivity and creates better access to vibrant outdoor spaces – while integrating different assets within the community including CEI’s environmental learning center, Atholton High School, Robinson Nature Center, and the cultural heritage of Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad route.

Current Study Area

Your Input:

Do you or does someone you know live in the immediate area of the project? For those who are within the area in southern Columbia MD, outlined on this map, we ask that you complete a brief survey. Your input will help identify opportunities to improve pedestrian and bike connections, outdoor spaces, and natural assets in the community.

Thank You!

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