2016 Class Begins

2015/16 Class First Night

2015/16 Class First Night

Students Sitting, Left to Right: Chunlei Ding, Sheila Robinson, Iris Mars, Radhika Wijetunge

Standing, Left to Right: Ned Tillman, Guest Speaker;
Barbara Schmeckpeper, WSA Instructor and Course Designer;
Terry Matthews, WSA Coordinator;
Philip Roberts, Buffy Illum, Marvin and Alan Schneider, Students; and Georgia Eacker, Howard County University of Maryland Extension Urban Agriculture Coordinator

The fourth session of the Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy began on September 17th when  Ned Tillman provided a keynote orientation.

As a local author, geologist, naturalist, and community leader, Ned provided an ideal orientation. He Identified the extent and characteristics of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, discussed the historical and current dynamic aspects of the Chesapeake Bay, introduced the historic and present ecosystem (flora and fauna) of the watershed, and describe the current status of the Bay and obstacles to restoring the Bay.

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