7 Things

  • Slow the Flow — Redirect rain-spouts away from hard surfaces (like driveways and sidewalks) and onto grassy areas wherever possible. This keeps run-off from rooftops from entering the storm drain system and allows water to slowly sink into the ground.
  • Stash the Trash– Trash discarded on parking areas, beside roads and other open areas is washed into local streams. Pick up and proper dispose of trash whenever possible.
  • Refrain from the Drain — Storm drains are for water only. Never use them to dispose of pet waste, grass clipping, motor oils, or any trash.
  • Scoop the Poop — Pet waste washed into local streams increases bacteria and nitrogen levels. Pick up pet waste in a plastic bag and dispose of it with your household trash.
  • Enable the Label — Always follow the instruction label on fertilizer and other outdoor products. Over fertilization does not help your plants and increases nitrogen and phosphorus level in local streams.
  • Quash the Wash —Use a commercial car wash whenever possible. If you must wash your car at home, try to park it on a grassy area or use phosphate free car detergents.
  • Landfill the Pill — Dispose of your medications in the household trash – do not flush them down the toilet. Our wastewater treatment plants cannot remove the chemicals from unused medications.