Rake and Take

Sponsored by:  UMD Extension Howard County
Master Gardeners


Too many leaves for your compost bin?

Recycle them and divert them from the Howard County Landfill!


The Master Gardener’s Rake and Take Program matches:

  • Rakers: Residents who rake and bag their leaves with
  • Takers: Residents who want leaves to compost or to use as mulch
    Volunteers who collect materials for use at four compost demonstration sites maintained by Howard County Master Gardeners

How the Program Works

Rakers and Takers register with the University of Maryland Extension Howard County Master Gardeners annually and indicate the amount of leaves available or desired. The Rake and Take Coordinator, a Master Gardener volunteer, maintains a database of Rakers and Takers who want to participate. The Coordinator makes connections by telephone or e-mail. Rakers bag leaves in 30-gallon bags with ties and place the bags at curbside.

  • Each bag should not exceed 20 pounds.
  • Leaves cannot contain any herbicides or other chemical residue.
  • Takers pick up the bags and use them either for compost or mulch.LogoHoward1_300

Paper Bags

Participants in the Howard County Yard Trim pickup program are now required to use paper bags.  This does not apply to Rake and Take, however Howard County Master Gardeners strongly advocate using paper bags instead of plastic bags.

Ten (10) FREE  reusable paper bags are available to each Howard County family at Alpha Ridge Landfill.

For more information about Rake and Take contact:
Ms. Pat Hooker
University of Maryland Extension
Howard County Master Gardener at:
410-489-4314 or phooker9440@gmail.com